It’s days like these that make quitting the world of Linux and non-pre-emptive NOS’ for the world of media so much fun . . .

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What’s the frequency Mary?

It seems that Dan isn’t the only one still feeling the pain of those memos . More than four years on and the second-biggest name in the whole Rathergate business still finds it hard to let go. Read more

10 Guitar Solos

10 awesome standout guitar solos picked by someone who wasted a great deal of his teenage years in a tiny bedroom in Portsmouth with a Washburn Les Paul copy trying and failing to learn most of ’em.

This is not a definitive list of the 10 best in the world and I’m aware it’s only rock guitar that features. And neither Jimmy Page nor Jimi Hendrix are represented here — you’ll see why.

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Harry ‘Buckhead’ MacDougald: The Interview

For my college studies I decided to try and get a grip on the old-media-shakin’, internet-quakin’ event that was Rathergate. During my research I got help from various members of the place where it all started: Conservative online forum Free Republic. Amongst the various ‘freepers’ I spoke to was the prime instigator himself, Buckhead, aka Harry Macdougald, Atlanta lawyer and major fan of the English Soccer Premier League! Later on I was honoured to be allowed to interview Mr MacDougald . . . read on for a profile of a real ‘Net Legend’: Read more