First Utility is Officially Cheaper than British gas . . . according to British Gas

If you’re not from the UK this post won’t mean much to you. Here though, the 2013 news agenda has been very much concerned with the UK’s power companies (Gas/Electricity) and how competitive they are and whether they’re abusing their dominant market position. Prices for gas and electricity have shot up drastically over the past years, and each year the price bump easily surpasses inflation (10% is the norm).

If you’ve ever considered switching from one of the so-called Big Six to one of the smaller providers…read on…If you’re too busy and don’t have time for the whole shebang then here’s the money shot:

I switched my gas supply from British Gas in November 2012 to rival First Utility. In those seven months — which included one of the coldest winters for some time and I believe the longest for 60 years — I saved £130.32. 16% cheaper than if I’d been with British Gas. How do I know . . . ? Because a nice person at British Gas worked it out for me and sent me the result and paid me the money. Read more

Treasure Trove

Today the British Library launch an online digital archive of 2 million pages of newspapers from the 19th century. That’s a tiny fraction of the 750 million pages they have from that golden era of newspapers.

It’s well worth the £6.99 daily access fee:

Here’s two snippets of miscellany I found from a casual browse of 1840.



I guess in both cases you could say how times change?

Learning from the past

On my journalism course they gave us a bunch of books on a list to get . . I eagerly purchased got a few before I realised that most were way, way out of date. In a quiet moment the other day I picked up ‘the British Press: A Manifesto’ for the first ever time. It was published in 1978 and is a selection of essays by academics on the state of the UK press at the time — slanted hevaily towards the print industry. Read more