The Storys, Soho Revue Bar, 6th March

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Retuning instruments between songs is a pet hate of mine but in the name of chordal harmony I am oft prepared to swallow this unreasonable prejudice. Tweaking your strings during a song however, is surely beyond the pale. Seriously, will an audience of 30 & 40-somethings, mostly industry execs, friends and family getting pissed on a freebie really notice the odd semitone out? Rough and ready is not The Storys style. Read more


When it comes to Rammstein there is much misunderstanding in the UK. A few years ago Q wrote some tosh about the band’s Nazi links which thankfully, Rammstein had the good grace to ignore, while more recently Ali G. dissed the band live on air when introducing them in his capacity of MTV awards compere – shame on you Sasha. The root cause of this disdain is really all to do with their uncompromising image. Rammstein fulfil all the popular UK cliches of the ‘Bosese Deutsche’ gleaned from a zillion cheesy war movies : singing almost 100% in German, singer Till Lindemann alternately whispers and rasps his way through their (sometimes) dark lyrics in a mock-portentous guttural croak. Meanwhile the CDs feature scary photos of the band embalmed in test tubes and, it must be said, the whole lot of ’em are fond of spouting fire from their gobs at the drop of a hat. Lets’ just say you wouldn’t have ’em as your wedding band. Read more

Toten Hosen

In compiling my Kraut Pop guide I wanted to introduce any English-speaking music fans to a narrow slice of German popular music. Keeping each section succint and to the point was my aim but the thing about the Hosen is that they’ve been there and done it all – two paragraphs ain’t gonna do them justice. Read more