The End of Clicking?

Check out Is this the next stage in GUI design?

Hedge fund to Buy Novell?

I think for once, I am very, very lucky.

Like many former Novell employees I’ve held Novell stock for over five years and it’s languished at $3 — $4 for almost all of that time (apart from a brief $12 blip when SuSE was purchased). Read more

Has Microsoft dropped the ball?

Dick Brass is a former exec at Microsoft. He is careful to mention how well Microsoft is doing financially but in the month that Apple launched the iPad he writes about how the company has lost its way.

Microsoft has lost share in Web browsers, high-end laptops and smartphones . . .What happened? Unlike other companies, Microsoft never developed a true system for innovation. Read more

Latest from Spotify

A great post from Spotify’s boss Daniel Ek.

I think that by increasing the streams to the trillions on a monthly basis that we can take big chunks of people and move them from illegal file-sharing services to legal services.

Trillions!! I already experience degraded Spotify streaming performance in the evenings here in central London . . . I’m pretty sure it’s congestion at the local end because it’s fine at any other time of day. Is the net ready for trillions of streams? The boss of AT & T in the US has a message for bandwidth hoggers (aka iPhone users): “Speed and spectrum limitations can allow a few data greedy customers to ruin to for everybody else”.

Trillions? Ambitious, yes. Hopeful, yes. Unrealistic . . .maybe . . but expect to pay for it if the corps have their way and net neutrality is thrown out the window.

Spotify’s iPhone App in Action

Spotifiy’s new iPhone app . . it’s a rockin’ and a rollin’!

The end of bloatware. The return of programming’s golden age?

“You lot aren’t programmers, you’re just coders”.

Read more

Twitter — how do you rate?

According to Twitter’s Evan Weaver the average user has 126 followers:

Since, on average, each user has 126 followers, it means there are 126 messages placed in the queue for each tweet. Beside that, there are times when the traffic peaks, as it was during Obama’s inauguration when it reached 300 tweets/second or >35,000 messages into the queue, 3 times the normal traffic at that time.

I’m currently standing at 32 followers, many of whom are completely alien to me. How do they know who I am? Why do they want to follow me?

Iran’s army of mutts

I’ve just spent a day monitoring’s #iranelection feed.

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