For my college studies I decided to try and get a grip on the old-media-shakin’, internet-quakin’ event that was Rathergate. During my research I got help from various members of the place where it all started: Conservative online forum Free Republic. Amongst the various ‘freepers’ I spoke to was the prime instigator himself, Buckhead, aka […]

Die Fantastischen Vier

September 14, 2006 | 3 Comments

Die Fantastischen Vier (aka Fanta 4) pretty much started the German hip-hop scene about 18 years ago in Stuttgart. Rapping in German they steer clear of all the cliches of US ‘gangstas’ such as guns n’ hos. After starting off in the late eighties in what was then West Germany they built up a following […]


September 12, 2006 | Leave a Comment

This lot are a three-piece from Augsburg and Nah Bei Mir is an excellent album. Anajo (the name comes from the film ‘Banana Joe’, the title of which was once rendered as ‘ana jo’ by a broken TV) play indie rock with a sense of humour and a carefree spirit that sets them apart from […]