It’s always nice when a comment points you to something you’d otherwise have missed. Al Dorman’s rather acerbic post here took me on a search across the ocean to a publication called Texas Monthly which has published one of the best examinations of the whole Killian memos/Rathergate debacle I’ve yet seen by Joe Hagan. Read it […]

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald claims that 40% of IT administrators snoop on their company bosses’ e-Mails. As one of the commenters underneath the article succinctly puts it regarding that statistic: ‘crap’. I’d have to agree — 40% is way too low. In a previous life working for a large US multinational word got […]

Tony Basil, Hey Mickey

The Wolfson Prize shortlist was announced today. 11-year-old Jurre Hermans’ entry for the Prize got a special mention & contains the following instructions to be carried out in the event of a Greek citizen trying to change his Euros for something worth more than a drachma (like perhaps the Malian centime): So if a Greek man tries […]