You will not see a mosh pit at the Union Chapel. The support act for tonight’s show was “evening hymns” which indicates the true leanings of this wonderful gothic church bang in the middle of Islington. Tones of reverence continued once Timber Timbre took the stage amidst hushed pews and bathed in a soft red […]

Sounding like they’ve plugged their guitars straight into a bunch of Marshall amps with nowt in between We Were Promised Jetpacks’ second album gets off to a rollicking start with Circles and Squares – a plaintive ode to confronting inner demons. The no-frills approach endures throughout with the four-piece making up for an occasional lack […]

Long time fans will be relieved to know lead singer Naoko’s English accent remains unchanged: just the right side of comprehensible but occasionally straying into that weird place where the hard Japanese consonants fade into vowels already mushier than a heartbroken Michael Bolton whereupon it all becomes a glorious balm for the ears. My copy […]

I always wondered what that guy who turned down the Beatles is doing now?  Legend has it he scribbled down “Guitar bands aren’t where it’s at” before disappearing off into a career in Mickey Ds. Kraut-rock on acid blurring the lines between on-stage tune ups, occasional grunting and and any normal recognisable song start indicators […]

The following review appears in the latest edition of London’ premier music ‘zine, London Tour Dates The modern face of British folk-pop fandom is morphing and merging. These days at a gig you’re just as likely to see willowy Goldsmiths students called Francesca supping cocktails as a crusty holding a plastic pint glass, although to […]

It’s easy to mock a PiL gig. With an average age of about 41 the demographics on this cold Camden night just about matched the waistlines.

The last time I saw folk music in action it was in a central London pizza parlour and the guy was dressed in pointy-hooded green medieval tabard with bells on one ankle and a foot-operated drum on his back. He actually used the words hey-nonny-no in one song.

Is Juliette Lewis an over-privileged Hollywood star just playing at being a rock star or is she for real?

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