Jorge Drexler was one of South America’s best-kept secrets until he went an won an oscar in 2004 for the soundtrack to Che Guevara flick “The Motorcycle Diaries”. Although the softly-spoken Uruguayan now lives in Spain his appearance at London’s Union Chapel was his first ever UK performance.

Someone told me the other day that he could never review music because they didn’t have enough references to pick their way through today’s plethora of new songs. Step forward Camper Van Beethoven — godsend for all wordshy journos, musical magpies and something of a soothing panacea for the tired ear of today.

The following review appears in the latest edition of London’s premier music ‘zine, London Tour Dates When I was at school odd couples peppered the playground like a rash, everyone remembers their own version of the über-cool dude with the happy-go-lucky sidekick. While happy boy was dressed like a scruff only too pleased to please, […]

10 Covers

June 3, 2008 | 5 Comments

A good cover version can bring out the best bits in an already great song and, as with One by Johnny Cash, can polish them like diamonds. Or it can make you rediscover a lost classic as happened for me with the Ataris’ version of Boys of Summer. Some covers are so unique that they […]