April 19, 2006 | Leave a Comment

Seeed are excellent. They’ve got the joyous touch and carefree hip-hop sound of N.E.R.D, the rawness of someone like Dizzee Rascal and some of the most innovative reggae touches I’ve heard in a while. A total mish-mash of influences that totally gels.

Nova International’s second album opens with the type of falsetto chorus that usually has me running a mile but stay a while and the singer pulls it off – it’s quite a joy. Nova’s overall tone on this CD is pretty melancholy and I hear quite a departure from their first album but ‘Bored’ and […]

One Two Three Four are yet more offspring of the superfecund Hamburg scene. Their fans like to compare them to the Libertines which is reasonably accurate but I’d say this bunch are mired a bit further in the past than them — the Kinks is a more accurate comparison. It’s hard to get excited about […]