Have you received and paid for a penalty charge notice for a bus lane contravention from Lambeth Council on the A2217 Clapham Park Road? If you did before 21st December 2009 then you may be entitled to a refund. In January 2009 I got a PCN on this road. I spent a year querying it […]

Listen up Kraut popsters . . .  the big J, friend of Krautpod, has a new band. They’re called Pelagic Zone and you can hear them here : http://www.myspace.com/pelagiczone (Rehearsal Jam # 2 is a nice ‘un — very Santana-like) Expect to hear them on the next Krautpod soon.

Check out dontclickit.it. Is this the next stage in GUI design?

I think for once, I am very, very lucky. Like many former Novell employees I’ve held Novell stock for over five years and it’s languished at $3 — $4 for almost all of that time (apart from a brief $12 blip when SuSE was purchased).

A big ‘un back around 1990.