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Well I finally saw it. It’s my first 3D experience and I have to say I’m in agreement with the BBC’s Mark Kermode: the 3D didn’t really add anything. I think BFI’s iMAX cinema missed a trick here by spoiling the impact with 3D trailers. I suspect many people went to Avatar like myself wanting […]

Getting a table at elBulli, the most impossible-to-get-into restaurant in the world just got even more tricky. I’ve never been to elBulli but Newshour’s very own gastro-adventurer Fuchsia Dunlop was there just last October . . . she managed to snarfle out this menu which makes for fascinating reading. It’s a mischevious list by the […]

It’s been a mad few days in the World Service Newsroom. As you can imagine when a major disaster hits it’s all hands to the pump. Unless you’re Anderson Cooper of course, in which case it’s to the Bat-chopper Robin!

I just tried to install the WordPress 2 app for the iPod touch. I’m running 2.2.1 of the iPiod touch OS and itunes tells me I need a newer version of the iPod touch software. I go to iTunes and update and it tells me the current version is 3.1.2 for £2.99. Annoying.

That perhaps no one else can solve?

A great song whch at the time meshed just right with the whole Oasis vibe. I always thought she was more a Liam girl than a  Damon one.