On my journalism course they gave us a bunch of books on a list to get . . I eagerly purchased got a few before I realised that most were way, way out of date. In a quiet moment the other day I picked up ‘the British Press: A Manifesto’ for the first ever time. […]

Eric Coulson is a milblogger writing from theatre inside Iraq. He’s consistently served up pithy insights from the front line and thanks to his regular appearances on the BBC World Service’s World Have Your Say and The World Today (and BBC domestic radio — about 18 months ago I got home, turned on Radio 4 […]

Congratulations are in order for the BBC World Service. Newshour and World Have Your Say up for 2008 Sony awards! UPDATE 12th May 2008: World Have Your Say wins Gold. World Have Your Say is the running for some memorable shows, two of which I’m proud to say I worked on. The first, Issa’s house, […]

Pulp Fiction 14 years on with Mr. Tarantino in the cinema taking questions afterwards . . . fascinating.

It seems that Dan isn’t the only one still feeling the pain of those memos . More than four years on and the second-biggest name in the whole Rathergate business still finds it hard to let go.