Drive Thru Soundtracks

This page accompanies the main Drive Thru page which you can find here and lists the soundtracks on each Drive Thru. Note, the information is gleaned from the DVD release’s main feature and excludes the bonus clips. As far as I know the tracks are listed here in the order in which they appear in the film.

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If you’re watching DT on Fuel or ESPN or some Extreme Sports Channel then the track listing may differ because these cable channels edit the films for release or may air them in parts omitting certain sections for the audience. My advice — buy the DVDs, trust me, you’ll watch ’em again and again.


The legend is: Artist(s), track title, album title

* = standout track

Drive Thru California: soundtrack

1. Right On Western, “On the road Again”, Original Score

2. Ween, “Exactly Where I’m At”, White Pepper *

3. Spoon, “Take a Walk”, Girls Can Tell

4. Dwarves, “How it’s Done”, Come Clean *

5. Feeder, “Brand New Car”, Buck Rogers

6. Ween, “Even if You Don’t” White Pepper

7. Trans Megetti, “Rent a Rocket”, Steal the Jet Keys

8. Dead Kennedys, “Winnebago Warrior”, Plastic Surgery Disasters *

9. The New Amsterdams, “Picture in the Paper”, Para Todo Vida

10. Kut U Up, “Destination”, Pulled Over

11. Death on Wednesday, “No Regrets”, Buying the Lie *

12. Supersuckers, “Dead in the Water”, Must’ve Been Live *

Drive Thru Japan: soundtrack

1. Paul Oakenfold ft Shifty Shellshock, “Starry Eyed Surprise”, Bunkka *

2. Sprung Monkey,”Turning Japanese”, Situation Life

3. N.E.R.D, “Lapdance”, In Search of

4. Cibo Matto, “Everybody Loves the Sunshine”, Working for Vacation *

5. Cornelius, “Star Fruit Surf Rider”, Fantasma

6. Lord High Fixers, “Godzilla Vs King Baby”, The Beginning of the End

7. Bombshell Rocks, “Warpath”, From Here and On *

8. Trans Megetti, “Following”, Fade Left to Completely On

9. Voice of a Generation, “Odd Generation’s Back”, Hollywood Rebels

10. The Vines, “Sunshinin'”, Highly Evolved

11. St Germain, “So Flute”, Tourist

12. Shonen Knife, “Konichiwa”, Happy Hour *

13. Shonen Knife, “Sushi Bar”, Happy Hour *

Drive Thru Australia: soundtrack

1. Right on Western, “Land Down Under”

2. Frank Jordan, “Interference”, Decoy

3. White Stripes, “Hotel Yorba”, White Blood Cells

4. AFI, “Bleed Black”, Sing the Sorrow

5. Cibo Matto, “Spoon”, Stereo Type A

6. Hot Hot Heat, “Move On”, B side from Bandages single *

7. Hoodoo Gurus, “What’s My Scene”, Blow Your Cool *

8. Pinback,”Microtonic Wave”,Offcell

9. The Shins, “So Says I”, Chutes too Narrow *

10. Rolf Harris, “Tie me Kangaroo Down Sport”, Definitive Rolf Harris

11. Kut U Up, “Stupidly Clear”, Pulled Over

12. Radio4, “Eyes Wide Open”, Gotham *

13. Postal Service, “Such Great Heights”, Give Up *

14. Badfinger, “Come and Get It”, The Very Best of Badfinger

Drive Thru Europe: soundtrack

1. Lovedrug, “In Red”, Pretend You’re Alive

2. Yovee, “You Got The Call”, Too Far Gone *

3. Pinback, “Fortress”, Summer in Abaddon

4. JEM, “Finally woken”, Finally Woken

5. UNKLE, “What Are You to Me?”, Never Never Land

6. Sonic Youth, “Unmade bed”, Sonic Nurse

7. Placebo, “English Summer Rain”, Sleeping With Ghosts

8. The Ocean Blue, “The Northern Jetstream”, Waterworks

9. The Sounds, “Dance With Me”, Living in America *

10. Broken Social Scene, “Stars and Sons”, You Forgot it in People

11. Lovedrug, “The Monster”, Pretend You’re Alive

12. The Faint, “Southern Belles in London Sing”, Wet From Birth *

13. Armor for Sleep, “Armor for Sleep”, Dream to Make Believe

14. Gorrilaz, “5 4”, Gorillaz

15. Sparta, “While Oceana Sleeps”, Porcelain

16. The Killers, “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine”, Hot Fuss *

17. The Arcade Fire, “Rebellion”, Funeral

18. John Denver, “The Little Engine That Could”

19. The Streets, “Dry Your Eyes”, A Grand Don’t Come for Free

20. Muse, “Bliss”, Origin of Symmetry

21. And You WIll Know Us By the Trail of Dead”, Caterwaul, “Worlds Apart”

Drive Thru South & Central America: soundtrack

1. American analog Set, “The Only One”, Know By Heart

2. Yovee, “Private Caller”, Too Far Gone *

3. The Black Heart Procession, “Did You Wonder”, Amore Del Tropico

4. Blink 182, “Easy Target”, Blink 182

5. My Chemical Romance, “The JetsetLife is Gonna Kill You”, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

6. Pinback, “B”, Offcell

7. The Von Bondies, “C’Mon C’Mon”, Pawnshoppe Heart *

8. Muse, “Hysteria”, Absolution

9. Sea Ray, “Lalaland”, Stars at Noon *

10. Modest Mouse, “Float On”, Good News for People Who Love Bad News *

11. Franz Ferdinand, “Take Me Out”, Franz Ferdinand *

12. Puffy Ami Yumi, “Angel of Love”, Nice

13. Box Car Racer, “And I”, Box Car Racer

14. Communique, “The Best Lies”, Poison Arrows

15. Secret Machines, “Sad and Lonely”, Now Where is Nowhere

16. Supergrass, “Alright”, I Should Coco *

17. Jeff Linsky, “Playa del Lobos”, Anthology

Drive Thru South Africa: soundtrack

1. U.N.K.L.E, “Reign”, Never Never Land

2. Placebo, “Black-eyed (Placebo VS Le Vibrator remix)”, Once More With Feeling

3.Jack Johnson, “Crying Shame”, In Between Dreams *

4. Supergrass, “Low C”, Road to Rouen

5. Damian ‘JR Gong’ Marley, “We’re Gonna Make It”, Welcome to Jamrock *

6. Lab Partners, “Blood Mood”, Wicked Branches

7. Years Around the Sun, “Northfork”, Introstay

8. Electric Soft Parade, “Things I’ve Done Before”, The American Adventure

9. Donavon Frankenreiter, “What’cha Know About”, Donovan Frankenreiter

10. Supergrass, “Roud to Rouen”, Road to Rouen

11. Cave In, “Come Into Your Own”, Tides of Tomorrow

12. The Faint, “Errection”, “Wet From Birth”

13. Franz Ferdinand, “Do You Want To”, you Can Have it So Much Better

14. Garageland, “Trashcans”, Do What You Want

15. Junior Senior, “Move Your Feet”, D-D-Don’t Stop the Beat

16. King Kong, “Deep Blue Sky”, The Big Bang *

17. Jimmy Eat World, “Just Tonight”, Futures

18. …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, Intelligence”, The Secret of Elana’s Tomb EP

19. Modest Mouse, “The Ocean Breathes Salty”, Good News for People Who Like Bad News

20. Dandy Warhols, “Boys Better”, Come Down

21. The Darkness, “Hazel Eyes”, One Way Ticket to Hell…And Back

22. Placebo, “Pure Morning”, Once More With Feeling

23. Years Around the Sun, “Soft Soul”, Introstay

24. Hard-Fi, “Cash Machine”, Stars of CCTV *

25. My Morning Jacket, “It Beats 4 You”, Z

26. Dr. Demento, “Hello Modduh Hello Fadduh”, Dr. Demento

27. Gorillaz, “Fire Coming Out of the Monkey’s Head”, Demon Days[UK]

28. Alkaline Trio, “Burn”, Crimson

29. Stereophonics, “Have a Nice Day”, Jeep *

30. Toto, “Africa”, Past to Present

Drive Thru Caribbean: soundtrack

1. Tangiers, “I wanna Go Out”, Never Bring you Pleasure

2. Future Pigeon, “Yuppy Conqueror”, The Echodelic Sounds of Future

3. Quiet Countries, “The Message”, No One Makes a Sound

4. Vanlustbader, “Communique”, The People Vs. Vanlustbader

5. Trans Am, “Outmoder”, Liberation

6. Built Like Alaska, “Ran into a Corner”, Autmnland

7. Communique, “The Best Lies”, Poison Arrows

8. Future Pigeon, “Evil”, The Echodelic Sounds of Future

9. Jets to Brazil, “Perfecting Loneliness”, Perfecting Loneliness

10. Snowden, “Anti Anti”, Anti Anti

11. Engine Down, “Longtime Waiting”, Engine Down

12. The Coast, “Take a Walk Outside”, The Coast

13. Jets to Brazil, “Air Traffic Control”, Four Cornered Night *

14. Communique, “Dagger Vision”, Poison Arrows

15. Communique, “The Sad Valentine”, Walk into Light EP

16. Rob Crow, “Focus”, Living Well

Drive Thru New Zealand: soundtrack

1. The Dilettantes, “Brightly Lit New Dark Ages”, 101 Tambourines

2. Cut City, “Such Verve”, Exit Decades

3. Head Like a Kite, “Words of a Friend”, The Random Portraits of the Home Movie

4. Los Campesinos!, “You! Me! Dancing!”, Sticking Fingers into Sockets

5. Head Like a Kite, “Dime and a Cigarette”, The Random Portraits of the Home Movie

6. Los Campesinos, “You! Me! Dancing!”, Sticking Fingers into Sockets

7. Lemurs, “Lemon Tree” EP

8. Anavan, “S.B.M.T”, Anavan

9. Cut City, “Like Ashes Like Millions”, Exit Decades

10. Lemurs, “No Net”, EP

11. Les Savy Fav, “Patty Lee”, Let’s Stay Friends

12. Professor Murder, “Free Stress Test”, Rides the Subway EP

13. Broken Social Scene, “Our Faces Split The Coast in Half”, Broken Social Scene

14. Donavaon Frankenreiter, “Move By Yourself”, Move By Yourself

15. Lemurs, “Berlin”, EP

16. Lemurs “My Definition”, EP

17. Hot Toddies, “The Surf Song”, Smell the Mitten

18. The Ghost is Dancing, “Organ”, The Darkest Spark

19. Kenny Loggins, “I’m Alright”, Milk Money Records

Drive Thru Australia II: soundtrack

1. Sounder, “Those Days Were Good Days”, Good Things Come and go Like Bad Things

2. Dear and the Headlights, “If Not for my Glasses”, Drunk Like Bible Times *

3. Sam Champion, “Be Mine Everyone”, Heavenly Bender

4. El Ten Eleven, “I Like Van Halen because My Sister Says They are Cool”, These Promises are Being Videotaped

5. Head Like a Kite, “We were so Entangled”, These is Loud Laughter Everywhere

6. Bound Stems, “Happens to Us all Otherwise”, The Family Afloat *

7. New Faces, “Impulse”, Two Impulses

8. Swim Party, “Parliament of Rooks”, Pixie Dust on the Blood Range

9. New Faces, “End of a Time”, Two Years *

10. Black Box Revelation, “Set Your Head on Fire”, Never Alone/Always Together

11. Loney, Dear, “Airport Surroundings”, Dear John *

12. Bound Stems, “Taking Tips from the Gallery Gang”, The Family Afloat *

13. Head Like a Kite, “Big FM Radio Hit”, There is Loud Laughter Everywhere

14. New Faces, “She’s Like the Snow”, Two Years

15. Head Like a Kite, “Daydream Vacation”, There is Loud Laughter Everywhere

16. Her Space Holiday, “Sleepy Tigers”, Xoxo Panda & The New Kid Revival *


60 Responses to “Drive Thru Soundtracks”
  1. Nick says:

    The theme song is “I wanna go out” by Tangiers

  2. james says:

    thanks so much for posting track listings very very greatful! gdjob dude

  3. ClayMarzo says:

    Cant beat the drive thru australian soundtrack, its da dopest braddah

  4. Austin says:

    Does anybody know who plays the song during tim Curren’s solo session in Dive thru California in the 4 surfers menu screen. I’ve been searching for sometime now and cant figure it out. maybe you can

  5. pcoletti says:

    That track is “Don’t Fall In” by The red West.


  6. Becky says:

    THANK YOU for posting this! I’ve been looking for so long! Yay!

  7. Jeff says:

    Yes… well done!

  8. mike says:

    what the name of the song in drive thru soute africa when they surfing on the little red surfboard the old one and its funny song //’..

    hha hhha hhha something like that

  9. david says:

    thank u this is the best sound track everrrrrr

  10. cbrock says:

    whats the song that plays beofr it goes to commercial on the drive thru europe?


  11. josh says:

    theme song for drive thru new zealand? starts “i just wanna stay inside”

  12. pcoletti says:

    “I Wanna Go Out” by The Tangiers

  13. josh says:

    ^^muchas gracias^^

  14. Renato says:

    Does anyone knows where can I find the track Down Under from Right on Western?

  15. josh says:


  16. alex says:

    what is the song they always play before a commercial in drive thru europe?

  17. Day In - Day Out says:

    “what is the song they always play before a commercial in drive thru europe?”

    Yovee – Innocent Will Pay

    It is on iTunes.

  18. someone says:

    they are call on iTunes

  19. someone says:

    all not call*

  20. CJ says:

    there i was one track in Drive Thru South Africa that I missed getting a look at the title of. The band sounded a lot like Modest Mouse (and may have been) but it wasn’t “Ocean Breaths Salty” as written on the list. Sorry for giving a lame explanation but if anyone could help me out that’d be great.

  21. CJ says:

    No worries. I got it. It was “Falling Out” by The Sammies. Wicked song, check it out.

  22. Josh says:

    Looking for the song featured in DT Europe when Slater is leaving and Pat meets Kiwi (the guy that works for hurley) while driving the RV in France. It’s also in DT South/Central America when Ozzie and the crew are surfing a little offshore left in Chile? The vocals are by a chick or at least it sounds like…I’ve been looking for this track everywhere and can’t seem to find it!!

  23. Josh says:

    Oh yeah, I saw it on fuel TV….

  24. Matthew says:

    Huuuuge props for this list!

  25. hugo says:

    I.m going nuts..can’t find the song in the following clip:

    I’m 100% sure its in drive thru Europe at the end when Kelly has his last session in France with his mates.

    Please help me

  26. pcoletti says:

    No idea dude, but the credits at the end of that video give you a clue . . Chris cote is a musician who was in DT Europe … try contacting him directly. I think he was in a band called Kut U Up once.

  27. martie says:

    Dudes! In the first episode of the Europe trip, the first track by South “A Place In Displacement” isn’t listed on any other interwebs? But it is there just in case anyone is interested. And there is another track missing, the one right before the crews first surf session in Italy. Can anyone help out?


  28. Albert says:

    hey guys, there’s something i really like to ask, about a missing music in the Drive Thru Caribbean soundtrack, the reggae music in that movie. i dont know the tittle and the artist. but the song goes like this. “children crying all over the world” help me guys who know the artist and the tittle of that song, because my band would like to play that song. you can email in thank you so much. jah blees!

  29. pcoletti says:

    Albert, are you sure you’re watching the DVD? There’s no reggae on DT Caribbean as far as I can see.

  30. Eduardo L. says:


    Can you please tell me the name of the song and band in which is played on the drive thru Australia, on the special section of UNDERWATER on the bonus KM? THanks

  31. pcoletti says:

    Eduardo, the song is Fought and Won One by Reggie and the Full Effect.

  32. jonathan says:

    what is the song that starts with a guitar playing slowly?

  33. Tom C. says:

    This is great! Good job. There is one missing on South Africa – “Modern World” by Wolf Parade. It’s from a really good album by the way.

    Do you have any idea who performs the songs on the 2nd disc for New Zealand? I love that music.

  34. roberto g says:

    what’s the theme song on the beginning of every drive thru? when they show everybody’s names..

  35. Yoni says:

    Hey, Thanx So much for this track list! I can not seem to find “I wanna go out” by tangiers on itunes….ANyone know why?

  36. pcoletti says:

    Yoni, it’s probably ‘cos Tangiers are a small garage band with no muscle to get onto itunes. You can buy the album from though . . .to be honest though, the rest of the album ain’t that good.

  37. Ryry Rich says:

    yo anyone know what the title track to DT Europe is? rackin my brain tryin to find it

  38. benji says:

    dude. were can i get the tangiers song. ive looked on all the torrent sites

  39. benji says:

    the tangiers song is on itunes by the way. i just dnt wanna spend my last itunes dollar on it. so if someone tells me tht would b greatly appreciated

  40. Jon Thompson says:

    I have been trying forever to find the name of the song that is in the drive thru south central america movie. I am almost positive that it was a mars volta song but can’t find the name. Not sure if it was in the movie or just when they showed it on tv on Fuel??? Please help!

  41. pcoletti says:

    Jon, what are the lyrics? When in the film is the song?

  42. Jon Thompson says:

    It was during the part where they surfed the beach break in Panama. I saw it on Fuel but haven’t been able to find it again???

  43. pcoletti says:

    Jon, you’re thinking of My Chemical Romance, “The JetsetLife is Gonna Kill You” or The Von Bondies, “C’Mon C’Mon”, or Muse, “Hysteria” . . . all these tracks are around the Panama section and all are (kind of) a little bit like Mars Volta.

  44. august says:

    i tought that i could heard in drive thru australia some music of men at work..

    it could be true? or i’m a lil bit confused about that?

    i know the song but i don’t know what’s the name.

    all good to ya

  45. pcoletti says:

    August, you’re thinking of the opening theme to DT Oz I. It’s a cover of Land Down Under by Pennywise.(I think)

  46. august says:


    thanks bro, exacly this one.

  47. jon thompson says:

    No, unfortunately those are not the songs. I am positive it was Mars Volta. I have noticed that when fuel plays these shows they have changed the music for the TV shows. Some of the exact same episodes have different songs. I remember all three of those songs, but can’t find the Mars Volta one.

  48. Marco says:

    I try to find the name of a song in drive thru south centrala america plays in part the guys have batman clothes and starting ride in moto 4 whells and some guy drinking for the mask in face, some” it’s time to tell this place down” “ive come asking on my mind” please someone help me

  49. Dom says:

    does anybody know that one instrumental song from DT South Africa when theyre skimboarding on that one surfing simulator?


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