Rediscovered track of the month: Mar ’16

Gregg Alexander, Lost stars

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The New Myspace — first glance

The Myspace relaunch is coming soon . . sometime next year for the Gen Pop (I cannot believe I just mimicked Arthur Kade). I received an invite to the BETA site tonight so this is my instant reaction . . a more considered analysis will come later. If the involvement of Justin Timberlake in the Myspace venture hadn’t convinced you then this hallway screen which you get when you’re setting up your profile is one helluva hint: ONLY CREATIVES (and their fans) NEED APPLY:

 Once in the layout is smooth and reasonably instinctive . . here’s my home page below. Various things let you know that the whole shebang is geared towards people who’ve got something — song, movie, podcast, video — to share and tell the world about. The “Discover” button for example gives the option to discover People, music. mixes, videos and radio

The search interface is very cool. . . nice big font, a lot of obscure artists seem to be there (anyone who has The Sounds is ok in my book)  and the music playback is as reliable as your internet connection. I’m not sure what deal Specific Media have done with the music labels of the world but at first glance there seems to be a healthy amount of music up there. I’m sure ads will come soon but will that be enough to make money . . how will they MONETISE!!!??

Searching is very smooth but it seems that the ‘old’ Myspace is not being incorporated into the new . . in other words a search on my own name did not bring up the old Myspace profile I put up way back in ’06. Will there be the option to upgrade your existing profile? How the hell will they cope with all those people who can’t remember their passwords! The music selection omits the usual biggies and there is a “like this, you’ll like this” feature but I’m not sure about it yet: Evanescence = The Beatles?


Does the world need another social media network . . that remains to be seen, and I hope the world’s leading radio programme will be examining this when the main consumer launch comes.


Oh, and the horizontal scroll is very cool.


Rediscovered track of the month: Dec ‘09

Pikey Rock . . good or bad? Discuss.

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New Cassettes, The Art Of . . .

newcassettesLess bluesy than The Sammies but with the same carefree abandon this debut album is easy on the ear — a fun bundle that would sit great as the soundtrack to some late night footy montage or a sun-kissed surf flick, strange to imagine it hails from Northampton. Substance is there too – if you want it – This Way to Progress sees singer Tom Stubbs musing about life passing him by while fresh single Hearts Don’t Beat Right has Bloc Party swagger before Bloc Party headed down that path marked introspective dullness.

Of course fans of My Chemical Romance apalled at this five-piece’s lack of scary mascara might well ask if the world needs another suchrose-laden injection of cheery indie, but New Cassettes have compiled in these ten gorgeously sweet songs a heady elixir for credit crunch depression. I Built the Ark with its Finn brothers melodic stomp and Lighthouse are cases in point: uplifting to the point of hysteria. Lovely stuff.

Rediscovered track of the month: March ’09

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Drive Thru Soundtracks

This page accompanies the main Drive Thru page which you can find here and lists the soundtracks on each Drive Thru. Note, the information is gleaned from the DVD release’s main feature and excludes the bonus clips. As far as I know the tracks are listed here in the order in which they appear in the film.

southafrica.jpg japan.jpg europe.jpg drivethrusca1.jpg caribbean.jpg california2.jpg australia.jpg

If you’re watching DT on Fuel or ESPN or some Extreme Sports Channel then the track listing may differ because these cable channels edit the films for release or may air them in parts omitting certain sections for the audience. My advice — buy the DVDs, trust me, you’ll watch ’em again and again.


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Drive Thru New Zealand

Surf fans rejoice . . .  the latest Drive Thru is out on 18th April 2008. As soon as I get it it will be added to my Drive Thru page right here.