We Were Promised JetPacks, In the Pit of the Stomach


Sounding like they’ve plugged their guitars straight into a bunch of Marshall amps with nowt in between We Were Promised Jetpacks’ second album gets off to a rollicking start with Circles and Squares – a plaintive ode to confronting inner demons. The no-frills approach endures throughout with the four-piece making up for an occasional lack of tunes with bags of energy and self-belief pouring out of every track.

Medicine – rousing chorus and chuntering riffs – is the first single but Human Error is the belter of the bunch – strong musically and lyrically with soulful vocals and a juddering, bone crunching finale sure to go down a storm at festivals. I usually prefer vocals a bit higher in the mix but Adam Thompson’s gentle Edinburgh brogue – never more evident than during the stop-time on album closer Pear Tree –  cuts through; a soothing counterpoint to the harder Weegie edge of other Jock Rockers out there.

The End of Blogging?

Sameh Habeeb is a blogger we’ve used on the World Service a lot. He lives in Gaza and if you want an authentic street level voice he’s a radio programme’s dream: speaks great English, has an unusually excellent phone line and was never backward about coming forwards with his strident opinion — from the Palestinian POV of course. Last week I wanted to get Sameh on to talk about Fatah and Hamas and the chances for unity . . I quickly checked out his blog and my heart sank. Read more