These days when bands are described as making tunes that appeal to parents and kids alike, it’s meant as a put down. Not so with The Displacements, who are more than aware that 40 years ago a certain bunch of scousers dealt rather well with similar ‘criticism’.

Shunted down the M1 along with a hefty dose of modesty, sound manners and gentle humour, The Displacements take the knockabout, falling-down-the-stairs attitude Madness used to do so well and deliver the kind of uplifting jangle rock that had the brothers Stone’s (guitar and drums) mother belting out the lyrics along with the rest of us there to witness the launch of corking first single: Frontline Hearts.

Ska influences abound with robust — and pretty successful — attempts to revive black braces, white shirts and general, rosy-cheeked onstage joshing. For teenagers, singer Andy Stone and bassist Nick Eversfield do a great modern take on sixties frontmen determined to have fun onstage – the latter playing Rod Stewart to the former’s Ron Wood.

It’s great to see a band these days with no agenda other than to sound good and enjoy themselves — an infectiously refreshing combination. Add to this not a single rant about Iraq, global warming nor even BushHitlerHalliburton, and believe me you’ll find yourself after the first couple of songs swaying along with Mrs Stone and the rest of the Leicester massive. Great fun. I cannot help but wish ’em all the best.


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