Drive Thru No More

Sad news folks, the Drive Thru surf films are over. No more to come. I got this from Sybil at Poor Specimen just today:

Hi Paul,They are officially finished!  Thank you for your blog post!


Such a shame they never managed a UK Drive Thru.

If you’re interested in my take on these wonderful films over the years then go here, for my take on the superb soundtracks go here.


One Response to “Drive Thru No More”
  1. Ethan says:

    Hi I have an incredibly burning question. In your drive thru Australian and California the first two bands are Right on west, and both their songs are covers, I have tried for days to find the band searching, youtube, facebook, google, Instagram, iTunes, etc…. I can’t find them anywhere I need your help to find them. I even went back to watch the movies to see the soundtrack in the credits. Please I need an explanation.

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