Rediscovered track of the month: February ’09

A big thanks to who a few weeks ago followed their US example and have made available MP3s without DRM. This decision has resulted in a slew of impulse single track purchases in recent weeks. One happy side affect is that a fond remembrance of a long forgotten song can be fulfilled in a matter of mouse clicks and 69p. Me iPod is busting at the seams right now . . .

So this month sees the first in an occasional series of tracks I feel deserve to be revisited. In 1991 I spent a few months working as a barman in The Crown near Sutton Coldfield, in the quiet times in between serving vodka to the local schoolkids and chucking Red Stripe down the throats of the Mere Green massive (I once sold a whole fridge of the Jamaican wife-beater in about one hour!) I sneaked over to the music system and slapped this baby on almost constant repeat. Whatever happened to Oleta Adams?

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