Rediscovered track of the month: Jun ’09

Mark Morrison’s Return of the Mack performed at the Brit awards in 1996. A great tune from a guy who always seemed to try a little too hard to be a gangsta. Dunno what happened to him.


2 Responses to “Rediscovered track of the month: Jun ’09”
  1. Jonny Ervine says:

    Without resorting to cheating to Google/wikipedia, I seem to remember that Mark Morrison (a Brummie I think), took his wannabe gangster-ism just a touch too far and was reported to have been convicted of possession of an offensive weapon. The memory is of press reports of him brandishing a handgun (possibly in a nightclub), shouting ‘I’m Mark Morrison!’ and generally being either mentally unstable or a potential risk to the public.

    I also seem to remember he had a penchant for slightly ridiculous looking fur coats and took himself far too seriously. Shame though ‘Return of the Mack’ was, as you noted, a good track – and proof that the ‘Britpop’ era wasn’t just all about Blur and Oasis.

  2. pcoletti says:

    Ah, that would explain the women dressed as WPCs on stage with him . . .taking a cue from George Michael 3 years before toilet-gate!

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