Deerhunter, Rainwater Cassette Exchange

rainwater-cassette-exchange-by-deerhunter_bbrsjlzolfox_full Like singer Bradford Cox this EP from Atlanta’s Deerhunter is a frail, androgynous thing. Occasionally striking but more often than not falling down on the listless side of insipid. Fans of the band will of course know that never straying above second gear is Deerhunter’s thing.

ltd049 The following review appears in the latest edition of London’s premier music ‘zine, London Tour Dates.

On ‘Famous Last Words’ Cox gets his wispy vocals sieved through some wierdo vocal effect – now if this were The Strokes we’d be bowing down in awe at such daring distortion but alas, with Deerhunter’s mushy production the overall effect is to encase your speakers in a wet sock. A hard listen. Still when you can make out what’s going on it’s more engaging and dare I say it, a bit of a slow burner: ‘Disappearing Ink’ and ‘Game of Diamonds’ being two standout tracks.

Eschewing macho punk sensibilities is all well and good when confined to your image – Cox is fond of appearing on stage in a dress – but when this ethos strays into your music the result more often than not just smacks of a sadly lacking self-belief.


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