Rediscovered track of the month: Aug ‘09

OMC’s How Bizarre. It’s one of those very catchy songs for which you can never remember the lyrics. .  . apart from that bit where he says “buy the rights”. Great track.


2 Responses to “Rediscovered track of the month: Aug ‘09”
  1. Eric says:

    In the Drive Thru South Africa movie, there was a a cool, jazzy, funky instrumental that played while the guys were playing on a man made surf machine and while they were eating at an Indian restaurant.

    Do you know the name of that song, the group, or do you think that was an in-house production?


    PS…OMC’s song was and is great driving music.

  2. pcoletti says:

    I reckon you’re thinking of Junior Senior, “Move Your Feet”… check it out on YouTube.


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