The Spaghetti Western Orchestra

A sight last night to behold. The finely coiffed and be-cashmered clientele of the South Bank’s Queen Elizabeth Hall screaming out the theme tune to “The Good, the Bad, the Ugly” in perfect unison.1If there were a prize for first night successes then these 5 Aussies win it. I didn’t get all the inter-song banter — possibly because I haven’t seen a couple of the referenced Morricone-scored films (can anyone explain the washng line joke? Or the Bob Robertson motif?) — but the songs were excellent. Always innovative the lads took Morricone’s original scores and messed around with them in fun ways. The Ecstasy of Gold for example . . out went the female sopranos and the strings and in came four Aussie-accented bass notes a xylophone and a trumpet . . brilliant.


One Response to “The Spaghetti Western Orchestra”
  1. Ian Robson says:

    Must see this Orchestra live after seeing them on the Jools Holland programe.

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