Paul Coletti on viola

A distant relative plays some very soulful music.

In my wildest dreams my bedroom guitar playing could not compare to this level of technique and feel. Click through to YouTube and you will see some nice comments including the very fabulous “quel son chaud et profond ,intense et jazzy !!! super” . . . dontcha love the French?


2 Responses to “Paul Coletti on viola”
  1. Pian coletti says:

    I was hearing you playing at my computer class and it sounds wonderful.
    Love mum

  2. Sharon Snyder says:

    Dear Mr. Coletti,

    I heard your performance tonight, July 27th, 2012, in Whitefish, Montana and I sat there with tears running down my face because I was so moved. Your viola has the most incredible lovely voice and you play with such skill and feeling. I am your fan!

    However, I was very disappointed that you weren’t selling CDs of the songs you composed and played tonight. They are incredible.

    Thank you deeply for sharing your talents and years of musical perfection with us. I felt my soul being refreshed and enriched by your music.

    Sharon Snyder

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