In 2003 — after reading “Kitchen Confidential” for the umpteenth time. I finally made it to Brasserie Les Halles in New York. Tony had long since stopped cooking there and was, I think, “Executive Chef” — a title upon which, if I recall correctly, he unloaded much deserved derision. I remember the onion soup — […]

La Scozia was an Italian language newspaper for Scottish Italian immigrants. It was weekly and ran for about 48 issues or so in 1908 (some weeks were skipped, some weeks had a double-issue covering 2 weeks). It described itself as “A weekly organ for the interests of the Italian colony”. More information about it can […]

Have you ever gone on the hunt for something fully expecting to be overwhelmed by choice, dazzling features and multiple pricing options only to have your aspirations shattered by a pitiful array of products? The digital picture frame market is a classic example. Customer expectation has vastly outweighed the available product capabilities and has done […]

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what I do counts as work . . this is one of those times. Special thanks to Michael Mannix of the Odeon Leicester Square for showing the skill involved in getting Hateful 8 screened.

Surfaris 1999

November 8, 2015 | Leave a Comment

Surfing the east coast of Australia in 1999. With Garth, Jack and the gang from Surfaris.  

I’ve written before about the sad fate that befell Novell’s flagship product NetWare. In the list of mistakes and mess-ups made by my former employer I never included the inattentiveness of a CEO. However, I’ve just discovered a sort of mea culpa from our old CEO Eric Schmidt. Mr Schmidt, now CEO of Google, says […]

Jimmy Cliff in 1973 Sooner or later you’re gonna have to stand up tall Sooner or later when your backs against that wall Sooner or later you’ll have to be the one you are And you just might find that you’re out of time and it’s just too late In less than 48 hours the […]

  UPDATE: Just over 24 hours until polls close I’m laying my cards on the table, Scotland will reject independence with the following result: YES: 43.4%    NO: 56.6%    turnout 87.2% My rationale for the above . . . the timidity of the NO voters …nobody wants to be seen to be ‘unpatriotic’ in […]

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