Dub Colossus, Nov 10th, Bloomsbury Ballroom: review

As with any Dub band bass is key and the Colossus groove doesn’t disappoint. Add in the rumbling trombone and pretty soon the soles of your feet are tingling with soporific steadiness; like cold lager with curry it’s the perfect accompaniment to the Ethiopian supergroup’s infectious brassy pazazz. The elegant décor of London’s Bloomsbury Ballroom is yet more icing on the cake.
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Rediscovered track of the month: Nov ’10

Get the Funk Out by Extreme. This one was the last cassette single I bought.

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Hollow Halloween

This handy cut-out-n-keep guide to shooing away kids doing a spot of guising arrived from my local council a few days before October 31st. It’s easy to go into Daily Mail white froth mode but my beef is with the cost.

A few thousand of these across the whole of Lambeth Borough comes to a pretty penny. Have local authorities grasped that tightening belts applies to them too?