All hail the king of sauces

Lizano sauceIt’s always a pleasure to go to a new place and discover something unique about it. Costa Rica has a lot of unique things (see here for one) but I’m interested in anything culinary and authentic.

Now as far as I know, here in London no deli nor fancy food shop sells this amazing sauce which the Ticos have every morning with their beans, rice and eggs . . . it looks like salsa verde but is a lot milder and has a warm savoury flavour with what I believe wine folks call lots of “mouth feel” . . . I had some with roast lamb the other night and it blew the traditional mint sauce out of the water. If anyone has cooked with Lizano then hit me back with a recipe.

Give peace a chance . . . and a syllabus

The road to peace is often rocky and in the case of the University for Peace literally so. Situated about 20 miles west of Costa Rica’s capital San Jose, the United Nation’s shrine to that most elusive of global ambitions is perched some 800 metres above sea level at the end of a precarious, snaking and dusty road.

This article appears in the education supplement of the UK Guardian 09.12.08. Read more

Celeb Watch

Gawking at celebs is a national pastime in London. An occasional series updated whenever I spot a celebrity in London and If I ever get a phone from this millenium then I’ll post pics here too . . . unless of course the 3AM girls demand an exclusive. Read more