Rent or Buy?

I had a conversation with my neighbour on Sunday across the back garden wall. It went like this.

Neighbour: “Did Will and Carols’ Mum and Dad give Ana the house?”

Me: “No they rented it to Ana.”

Neighbour: “So are you renting or buying? ”

Me: “We all rent?”

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Hunt the Cluster Bomb

I’m always ready to listen to opposing arguments about the rights and wrongs of any international political situation. Lets face it, working on the world’s greatest talk show means it’s unavoidable. But using the Easter tradition of hunting for eggs to make a point about the global arms trade by having your kids hunt the cluster bomb is, I would contend, not just taking the point too far but is downright stupid.

a smaller group will gather at the park on the north side for what is being billed as a “family-friendly Easter cluster-bomb hunt.

Naoko Kondo

Did you know Naoko Kondo? She had black hair, was about 5,5 feet tall, with a slim figure. Her bicycle was an old mountain bike and silver (or metallic gray) in colour. She cycled to Docklands everyday on Clapham Road.
Naoko Kondo

I never met her but the information above I gleaned from a flyer posted up at the end of my road the day after she was run down and killed by a lorry. Read more

Please call us “Krauts”, not “Bratwurst”

Christiane Link guest blogging:

When Paul asked me if I could write a blog entry about the word „Krauts” I was a little bit surprised.

I’m one of them, I am one of the Krauts. I am German, has been living in London for three months. I know that some of the Brits call us “Krauts” but it doesn’t bother me. Read more

EMI heed Uncle Pauly . . .

. . . . well, not quite but it’s nice to see that days after my rant against DRM, EMI have announced they’ll make high-quality unlocked tracks available for purchase.

This is a step in the right direction but as the article mentions, only 5% of all music sales are currently online.

The next step is to remove DRM from shop-bought physical CD themselves.