Just Me, Jarno, Ethan, Jesse and er, Aung San

Ethan Hawke: Nae bad ah suppose.
Jesse Bradford: Nivir heard ae the bawbag.
Jarno Trulli: Hey big man, gonnae lay oaf the pies?
Aung Saan Su Kyi: Hmmmmmmmmm?

The above gizmo comes courtesy of myheritage.com.

I’m not whether it’s an insult to me or Aung San Su Kyi that the machine thinks we’re lookalikes. Mrs Kyi has oft stated her desire to remain in Burma until that state attains freedom. I wonder . . . ? All sorts of devious permutations are running through my head involving me acting as her body-double, infiltrating Burma, teaming up with Aung, the pair of us sneaking up on the regime as they sleep and flummoxing them with our dastardly double-ness until they wilt and beg the two-headed Aung San monster to leave them in peace….

Ol’ Jarno reminds me of myself back in ’89 at the peak of my 6-Guiness-a-night phase. If he’s a Formula 1 driver then does that make Michael Jordan a jockey?

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