Quite simply Slut take themselves far too seriously. Soundwise they’ve the deadpan delivery of Joy Division which they occasionally carry off very well (Homesick being a good example) but more often than not, like our own Muse, Slut are the wrong side of monotonous with none of the quirky charm of other low-fi type bands like say, The Electric Soft Parade.

slut.jpg2 starsAll We Need is Silence

(0% native)

Standout tracks : ‘Homesick’, ‘Lost Emotion’.

The powerful ‘Homesick’ and ‘Lost Emotion’ excepted, Slut drone on in over-earnest clanging and to be honest, rather pompous lyrics – ‘Wasted’ being by far the worst offender of this genre I’ve heard in a long while.

However, if Muse record sales are any indicator, this dreary combination is downright appealing to many folks. For me however, it’s pretty uninspiring stuff. If I were you Dear Reader, then take this album’s title quite literally.


Monta’s debut album opens with the languid guitar intro of ‘Farewell Dear Ghost’ which reminded me instantly of any number of Zeppelinesque accoustic songs but right there any further comparison to 70’s super rock must end. Read more


If Sportfreunde Stiller are Germany’s home-grown (and up-to-date) response to the 90’s Britpop of Cast/Oasis/Blur then Madsen are the Teutonic answer to the dominance of so-called nu-punk. ‘Die Perfektion’ is only a 3-track EP but even on this slim evidence the Good Charlotte’s and Sum 41’s of the world would do well to sit up and take notice. It’s not really an accurate comparison though, for this 5-piece from the Wendland (a rather maligned and unknown north-eastern sliver of Germany) owe more to the sharper edge and dry humour of Green Day than the slick moves of this morning’s currently in-fashion US metal band. Time will tell however, whether they’ve the staying power of punk’s premier royal family – they’ve certainly got the energy and verve.

perfektion_150.jpg3 starsDie Perfektion (single)

(100% native)

Cracking triple blast of melodic punk. Standout tracks : 1. Die Perfektion 2. Vielleicht 3. Shoppen Gehen.

The band’s debut album is self-titled and contains all the tracks on the EP I’ve shown here save the excellent ‘Shoppen Gehen’ – a great example of ‘neudeutsch’ if ever I saw one and at 1 min 40 secs long a short, sweet and well-observed take on one man’s dislike of being dragged unwillingly round Benetton on a Saturday afternoon.


Berlin punk with a raw edge and Clash-style attitude. The Beatsteaks have the gonzo, falling-down-the-stairs style of Faith No More circa Epic (without the rap) and the belting, directness of Dave Grohl on a good day (and Mr. Grohl has few bad days). Read more

Frank Popp

Frank Popp – designer, band leader, darling of the Düsseldorf media scene and all-round clever dude – purveys the kind of music that is guaranteed to get any party going. Displaying a liking for 60’s soul and funk that quite honestly is baffling coming from any German, even a DJ as talented as this. Read more