Skiing Tignes

Last week’s fun in the snow . . . special thanks to the Geordie girls and the Leeds paramedics for non-stop entertainment.

Rediscovered track of the month: March ’09

Back in ’88 when everyone at Portsmouth Poly was going crazy for G ‘n R, REM Read more

Blogging in Tanzania

Blogging at here in Dar es Salaam at the IMF Africa conference and I’ve just had a conversation with a well-known Africa campaigner . . . no names of course: Read more

WordPress for iPod Touch

This is my first post written with WP’s new iPod Touch app. Not bad. Here’s my niece Mia.

The End of Blogging?

Sameh Habeeb is a blogger we’ve used on the World Service a lot. He lives in Gaza and if you want an authentic street level voice he’s a radio programme’s dream: speaks great English, has an unusually excellent phone line and was never backward about coming forwards with his strident opinion — from the Palestinian POV of course. Last week I wanted to get Sameh on to talk about Fatah and Hamas and the chances for unity . . I quickly checked out his blog and my heart sank. Read more