The end of bloatware. The return of programming’s golden age?

“You lot aren’t programmers, you’re just coders”.

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Dub Colossus for the BBC

Dub Colossus are kind of like an Ethiopian supergroup. Tasty sounds and a nice bunch of folk . . . Read more


Listeners to the Krautpod will know that yours truly and Julian B flagged up Nneka back in April. Well, the MSMM (Mainstream Music Media) in the UK is catching up with our cousins sausage-side. The latest issue of London’s premier music zine London Tour Dates #51 features an interview with the woman in question. Click on the subscribe icon at the top left to isten to Krautpod #4 feat. Nneka. Read more

Rediscovered track of the month: Jul ‘09

I had thriller and loved it but never followed up with any of the later releases. Read more

BBC World Service wins again

BBC World Service won the award for best radio feature at tonight’s Diageo Africa Business Reporting Awards in London. There was good competition not least from The World Tonight’s Paul Moss, the BBC’s own Will Ross and even Capital FM. Read more