Broken Records/Story One/Simon & Eliza, Macbeth, 24th September

Simon and ElizaI like my electronica old school even if it is fake old school. Simon Mills plays gentle beats reminiscent of Bent’s lilting orchestral twiddling back when Bent were good. Layered on top, and with a crisp clarity that cries ‘look at me’, Eliza Wren Payne sings with the enthusiasm of a young girl who just discovered she can hold a note . . . lots of them. Looking like Sigourney Weaver during her bald period and with an accent so mom-and-pop-apple-pie you can be forgiven for thinking you’ve ended up in an episode of The Waltons, it’s no bold prediction to say that more of the UK will soon be benefitting from this striking Utah import. Read more

Who the Hell . . . returns with a whimper

Q Magazine’s great feature of the early nineties was “Who the Hell . . “. Anyone over thirty with an interest in music will remember its scathing brilliance. It’s been revived with the November edition of Q . . alas, things ain’t what they used to be. Read more

Drive Thru — latest news

Jeff Browning of the Drive Thru series announces that the next Drive Thru will be . . . . BALI! Awesome news and I’m privileged to have it announced on my humble site. Click on the above link, scroll down and check out Jeff’s comments including the strange news of an easter egg on the DT South Africa DVD . . .

McCain’s attack Kitten (and a bad poker analogy)

Ana Marie Cox over at Congressional Quarterly has the best take on Sarah Palin I’ve yet read:

The McCain campaign has found a way not to be accused of beating up a puppy: They sent a kitten to do it.

After that lacklustre speech by McCain, would we now be talking about ‘neck-and-neck’ polls if said speech had been preceded by say, a Romney or Pawlenty vice presidential speech? Somehow I doubt it. As the BBC’s very wise Rob Watson has informed me, this election is Obama’s to lose. But McCain is clinging on . . .

In poker terms McCain started out bad . . . let’s say with an 8,2 off suit against Obama’s pocket deuces (AA).

Biden getting the Dem Veep ticket as expected has flopped McCain a 2, K, A, leaving him the worst pair imaginable and Obama holding impregnable triple Aces (Hillary on the ticket would NOT have been as good a hand). Palin was the turn McCain needed and has given him another 2 but at the same time the fact that she brings ‘known unknowns’ (like possible foreign policy gaffes) is a plus for Obama. . . so the Hawaiian sits like a rock with a strong hand.

. . . . so between now and the election McCain needs a miracle 2 on the river to crack Obama’s Aces full of 2s . . . . incredibly unlikely and very exciting for all us watchers . . . not forgetting that there’s still an Ace somewhere in the pack that just can’t help but turn blue if it shows . . . roll on November.