Reporting Joplin’s Tornado

Brian Stelter of the NY Times writes about how he tweeted/reported/uploaded the story of Joplin’s tornado.

What the immeasurably modest Mr stelter doesn’t record is that at 0100 Joplin time on the morning of Tuesday 24th (0700 BST) I was sitting in Bush House in London and saw his tweets live and e-Mailed him asking him if he’d like to do a quick phoner with BBC World Service.  I knew he was awake because tweets uploaded ‘1 minute ago’ aren’t the work of sleepwalkers. Brian was about to fly out of Missouri so without delay I got Brian to record a short piece looking down Joplin’s Main St and it was powerful and evocative. . . so good in fact that at the suggestion of my editor I sequenced Brian’s reporting into a 2.5 minute montage of the whole Torando scariness. you can hear that montage here:

The last two voices in the montage are Brian’s and it was a great end to the montage.

Thanks for your tweets Brian.

Rediscovered track of the month: May ’11

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Sickboy on the Alternative Vote vote

Can’t say I’m getting too worked up about this AV thing one way or another but based on what I’ve been hearing on air recently the people campaigning for a YES to introducing the new AV system cannot help but remind me of Sickboy in Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting . . . when he’s losing an argument (and not taking heroin) he resorts to other tactics:

It’s aw a loaday shite anywey, Sick Boy meekly counters, using one of his classic tactics. If you can’t win the fine detail of the argument, then rubbish its context.

If first past the post isn’t getting your preferred candidate elected then get a better candidate . . . is it really the system’s fault?