I woke this morning to find a few pics in my inbox from some pals in Botany Bay . . . this one caught my eye Note the white foamy beast’s proximity to the rocks; that, and the nasty-looking white impact zone make this a definite look-but-don’t-touch . . . which obviously had no significance […]

To Hyde Park to see Aerosmith in action. I’ve not been to a large outdoor concert in years and had forgotten the little customs and habits that can make or break the day. One new development seems to be people holding up camera-phones now instead of lighters. A technological advance I suppose and in terms […]

As with all international crises I like to put myself in the position of those suffering through them. Of course, living a comfy live in the UK means I’ll never get closer than a rough, approximation of what things are like on the ground but it’s the least you can do. So what would you […]

The first I knew about the deal was when a former colleague told me a bunch of engineers in Germany had resigned in disgust. ‘Not another shady deal with Microsoft?’ ‘Yup.’

Luminaire takes its music seriously. Signs inform punters that speaking during songs will elicit a swift ‘shut up’. It’s the only venue I know where people rush for a chat as well as the toilet during breaks. So just the sort of place to see soft and sensitive souls The Concretes showcase new abum “Hey […]