Fancy Some Cabaret?

The following review appears in the latest edition of London’s premier music ‘zine, London Tour Dates.

UPDATE 3/1/07: The organisers of the below-reviewed entertainment issued the following missive to my editor: “Is Paul always quite so scathing? Sounds like he’d hate anything remotely corporate..?”

Scathing? Moi?

If you’re type of traditionalist who turns his head walking down North London, unable to bear the sight of what was the Camden Palace now branded Koko, then sponsored theme Read more

Blog Problems

Unfortunately, while in deepest Queensland my blog has decided to order posts in a bizarre way. Use the ‘Recently Written’ section on the left for the most recent posts.

If you’re from the geek fraternity and are into WordPress there’s a description of the problem here. All tips gratefully received.

Deep Down Down Undah

Somewhere off the coast of Stradbroke island, QLD, there is a leopard shark who was completely non-plussed by my appearance in his living room . . . Read more