Drive Thru Review: Real life surfing

If you like surfing then you probably like surfing DVDs. At which point you hit the same problem all surfers over 9-years-old face: most surf films are either cheesy, sentimental homages with waves bigger than houses that try to get into the ‘soul’ of the sport (like the awful Laird) or just lame excuses to play droning Type O-Positive B-sides with the odd ‘ironic’ Bee Gees track while some drooling Goldie-ite talks about ‘charging’.

Update 25/4/08: My new Drive Thru soundtrack listing page is here.

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Rediscovered track of the month: Aug ‘09

OMC’s How Bizarre. Read more

Rich pickings

Ever wondered how stressful it would be to be on the board of Google?  $30.2m of stress to be exact . . .

An insider trading report from

An insider trading report from