Rediscovered track of the month: May ’14

Die Toten Hosen, Hier Kommt Alex

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Rediscovered track of the month: Oct ’13

Falco — Out of the Dark
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Pelagic Zone: Shameless Plug

Listen up Kraut popsters . . .  the big J, friend of Krautpod, has a new band.

They’re called Pelagic Zone and you can hear them here : (Rehearsal Jam # 2 is a nice ‘un — very Santana-like)

Expect to hear them on the next Krautpod soon.


Listeners to the Krautpod will know that yours truly and Julian B flagged up Nneka back in April. Well, the MSMM (Mainstream Music Media) in the UK is catching up with our cousins sausage-side. The latest issue of London’s premier music zine London Tour Dates #51 features an interview with the woman in question. Click on the subscribe icon at the top left to isten to Krautpod #4 feat. Nneka. Read more

Krautpod #4

The fourth installment direct from the beating heart of Germany’s Musik scene with myself and Julian B. Download it here. Read on for the track listing. Read more


Welcome to Krautpod3 with Uncle Pauly and Julian B . . . recorded in Julian’s high-class studio. Featuring Die Fantastischen Vier, Beehoover, Annett Lousian and others . . . download the podcast here.


Beehoover’s unique selling point is that they’re a metal band with no lead guitars. That’s right, when it comes to guitars Beehoover (named after witnessing on TV a bee-bearder’s not entirely cruelty-free method of removing insects from his face) permit only the four-string variety.

beehoover.JPGThe Sun Behind the Dustbin
(0% native) Droney doom rock sans guitar

If the purpose of these Stuttgart lads’ musical mission is to prove that with the right amount of distortion and some funky playing you can make a two-piece metal band with no lead guitars sound like a credible act, then they’ve succeeded and commendably so. The sound is fresh and new but alas for this reviewer, a droning fusion of jazz rock and doom metal is just not his bag. Beehoover’s innovation and sheer laziness in band name selection must though, be saluted.

We’re Germans

A special New Year’s thanks to Christane Link for passing this video my way. My favourite lyric is “We have ze Autobahn gebaut and we love ze Sauerkraut”. I’m sure anyone who’s lived sausage-side can relate.

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