This page accompanies the main Drive Thru page which you can find here and lists the soundtracks on each Drive Thru. Note, the information is gleaned from the DVD release’s main feature and excludes the bonus clips. As far as I know the tracks are listed here in the order in which they appear in […]

The attempt to revive St George as a national icon of celebration splutters to a halt today in England. A verse from The True Dragon by Brian Patten St George was out walking He met a dragon on a hill, It was wise and wonderful Too glorious to kill Mr Patten was commissioned to write […]

According to Lonely Planet’s China guide: China has one of the finest cuisines in the world, and from back-alley dumpling shops to four-star banquet halls, travellers surely won’t leave disappointed You’ve got to ask if this is yet more Lonely Planet chicanery? I’ve never been to China but if my experience in rural Thailand and […]

A school in the US bans tag, dodgeball and touch footy. I first encountered the weird concept of ‘touch’ sports on my first trip to Australia — the last place on earth I would expect any sport not involving pummelling to gain any sort of traction. Still, times change and if touch football skills up the […]

Surf fans rejoice . . .  the latest Drive Thru is out on 18th April 2008. As soon as I get it it will be added to my Drive Thru page right here.

Thanks to a shut M11 Hamfatter arrived at the dingy Metro with about 30 minutes to spare — just enough time to watch the previous act stick the mike down their throat and bellow out a good dose of power rock. It’s tough turning up late with no time for even a rudimentary soundcheck, I […]