How Does Cannabis Affect Your Brain and er . . . Whassat other thing?

If you were in Melbourne wanted to get in touch with people for a cannabis trial what magazine would you advertise in? It’s an interesting dilemma . . . there are the obvious candidates but where was the ad below displayed?


Step forwards Tracks mag Feb 2010:tracks2scaled

Incidentally, $75 AUS will get you 7 litres of Cadbury Freddo Ice Cream Party Cake at Coles-Myers.

Cadbury Freddo Ice Cream Party Cake

Noah Birksted-Breen

Noah Birksted-Breen is on a mission to bring the best of Russian theatre to the UK.

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Has Microsoft dropped the ball?

Dick Brass is a former exec at Microsoft. He is careful to mention how well Microsoft is doing financially but in the month that Apple launched the iPad he writes about how the company has lost its way.

Microsoft has lost share in Web browsers, high-end laptops and smartphones . . .What happened? Unlike other companies, Microsoft never developed a true system for innovation. Read more

Do you want to make it in Hollywood?

A fascinating post by Adam Davis on life as a less-worth-than-amoeba beginner in Tinseltown. Heartbreakingly funny and unbelievably honest. Here he is talking about one of the first films he gets to work on:

It was called The Legend of My Heart-Shaped Anus, a quirky comedy being submitted to Sundance. . . In one scene, I got to drop heart-shaped poo, made out of chocolate, onto two puppets fighting.

If you are serious about giving it up and moving to LA then a) watch as much Entourage as you can (it will take probably at least several years to get to the level of the guy who parks Lloyd‘s car) and b) read Adam’s post.

You too could drop poo.

Rediscovered track of the month: Feb ’10

I travelled from Portsmouth to Birmingham to see the Black Crowes in their first ever UK gig sometime around 1990. Read more