I’ve been following the Dan Rather saga ever since my news intake of the 2004 US elections was rudely interrupted by this weird thingy called blog opinion. I followed it so much that I even did a dissertation on what has since become known as Rathergate and followed that up with an exclusive interview with the […]

Long tail economics . . .

September 22, 2007 | 1 Comment

I won these boots a few months ago. They are one of 100 pairs made for Formula 1 driver Kimi Raikkonnen as part of his 100th race celebrations when he was with McLaren. Now 20years ago what would you have done with such boots if you were me? If you’re an F1 freak you might […]

It’s not often you see something interesting on Facebook, but this caught my eye:   I’m not sure how this list is calculated but what does it say about BBC tastes & demographics? That we’ve a penchant for US pomp-rock, sensitive indie for bed-wetters ((c) Liam Gallagher), preachy posh-rock, introspective drone-rock or past-their-best dad rock? Or […]

Many moons ago I described SCO as a free falling litigation machine.   Well, the thump has now been heard around the world.   As I said back in my 2004 piece, it’s the employees of SCO I feel sorry for. Taken on a hellish helter-skelter ride by a management determined to bank everything on […]