Many thanks to the wonderful folks at dezeen for letting me put forward the case that the Blockchain is a sublime piece of design. And if you’re really interested you can also check out my petition on to get the London Design Museum to recognise it as such . . . I must confess […]

Have you ever gone on the hunt for something fully expecting to be overwhelmed by choice, dazzling features and multiple pricing options only to have your aspirations shattered by a pitiful array of products? The digital picture frame market is a classic example. Customer expectation has vastly outweighed the available product capabilities and has done […]

I’ve written before about the sad fate that befell Novell’s flagship product NetWare. In the list of mistakes and mess-ups made by my former employer I never included the inattentiveness of a CEO. However, I’ve just discovered a sort of mea culpa from our old CEO Eric Schmidt. Mr Schmidt, now CEO of Google, says […]

The British current affairs programme Newsnight on BBC television recently aired a report about the woes of Cyprus. Elderly sun tanned citizens clawed futilely at the barren cash machines while eager reporters goaded them on with microphones. It was a day or so before the island’s banks — or what’s left of them — were […]

Computerworld have an interesting  feature today in which some prominent tech authors voice their opinions on Windows 8. A majority of the 14 quoted say they spend all their time on the desktop and never touch the Metro interface which is what greets you on the standard Win 8 start screen. While reading I suddenly […]

The Myspace relaunch is coming soon . . sometime next year for the Gen Pop (I cannot believe I just mimicked Arthur Kade). I received an invite to the BETA site tonight so this is my instant reaction . . a more considered analysis will come later. If the involvement of Justin Timberlake in the […]

So the computer won. Does this mean the T2000 is just round the corner ready to rule over us puny humans?

15 years on from the publication of The Road Ahead, The Atlantic publishes their verdict on Bill’s predictions. I take issue with them on point #2, The Wallet PC Verdict: Hit. Gates’s wallet PC is more or less today’s mobile smartphone with voice capability added. What the Atlantic fail to mention here is that Bill […]

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