Little Joy, Dingwalls, 21st Jan

Little Joy at Dingwalls, pic by Rachel Lipsitz

On paper it must’ve sounded like a great idea: gazillionaire globe straddling rock God teams up with cherubic Portuguese Che Guevara lookalike on the basis that they both kinda like the “same stuff”: a latino vibe straight outta Noo Yawk by way of Brazil.

The following review appears in the latest edition of London’s premier music ‘zine, London Tour Dates.

Crouched over his guitar with a chic cream jacket and a £200 haircut it’s easy to see who fills the starring role in this partnership. If we hadn’t already recognised Fabrizio Moretti then a steady stream of “I love you f****n guys. Are you having as much fun as us” confirmed that one very vocal fifth of The Strokes was present. Read more

Flight myths debunked…

As well as finally confirming that a plane can land on water the miracle landing on the Hudson finally proved to me something that has been bugging me for years: a jumbo doesn’t skim like a pebble when it hits the blue stuff but ploughs on through until it slows to a halt . . . with the necessary piloting skill of course.

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