Own a Drone

The mental intricacies of Scott Adams’ mind are a thing to behold. . . when he starts off he goes to some weird and wonderful places. Here he muses on the concept of hiring time to fly a Predator drone. He’s filed this on his blog under the category of ‘General nonsense’ . . . we’ve just seen the world’s first clown pay millions to fly into space, how long till Larry Ellison pays to pilot his own drone? I’m not so sure this is nonsense.

Juliette Lewis, Shep Bush Empire, 23rd Oct

Is Juliette Lewis an over-privileged Hollywood star just playing at being a rock star or is she for real? Read more

Zombies with Marc Price

Marc Price, director, on how to be a zombie.
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Paul Coletti on viola

A distant relative plays some very soulful music.

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A Decade of Difference

A new home system. Built 10 years after my old one.
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Dangerous job

I used to think the divers who made safe sea-going mines were doing a dodgy job . . . how about removing a bomb belt from a dead terrorist? Steady now . . .


Latest from Spotify

A great post from Spotify’s boss Daniel Ek.

I think that by increasing the streams to the trillions on a monthly basis that we can take big chunks of people and move them from illegal file-sharing services to legal services.

Trillions!! I already experience degraded Spotify streaming performance in the evenings here in central London . . . I’m pretty sure it’s congestion at the local end because it’s fine at any other time of day. Is the net ready for trillions of streams? The boss of AT & T in the US has a message for bandwidth hoggers (aka iPhone users): “Speed and spectrum limitations can allow a few data greedy customers to ruin to for everybody else”.

Trillions? Ambitious, yes. Hopeful, yes. Unrealistic . . .maybe . . but expect to pay for it if the corps have their way and net neutrality is thrown out the window.

The Spaghetti Western Orchestra

A sight last night to behold. The finely coiffed and be-cashmered clientele of the South Bank’s Queen Elizabeth Hall screaming out the theme tune to “The Good, the Bad, the Ugly” in perfect unison. Read more

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