Little Dragon

To say Little Dragon sound like Morcheeba is of course lazy journalism, but such comparisons are no small compliment to this interesting Swedish four-piece. Japanese Vocalist Yukimi Nagano delivers breathy R n’ B vocals with wonderfully piercing cut-glass clarity and quirky ticks in a manner that would pacify even the most ardent Bjork-hater.

 Little Dragon CD coverI don’t know what it is about Scandinavia and bass-heavy electro pop but like Finnish geekster Jimi Tenor, Little Dragon really know the value of a good driving bassline, ‘Test’ being a grand example of dark disco at its best.

I get the impression that while Little Dragon’s unique and refreshing sound won’t set the radio stations of the world alight, DJs across the globe, in their never-ending quest to stand out amongst the crowd, will be remixing as I write. All I can say is clubbers of the world be happy.In fact the only bad thing I can find to say about this album is that the lyrics, printed in a gimmicky circular swirl, have done my neck in. A slow burner.     

Krautpod#2 . . . Die Toten Hosen

Issue number #2 in my occasional series of podcasts is out now is out now: Krautpod#2 – Die Toten Hosen.

Special thanks to all at for the kind words, and especially to Frankie who bought some Helden CDs on the strength of Krautpod#1.

The Displacements, Water Rats, 21st August

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Krautpod#1 . . . a new era

Fire up your iPods.

My quest to bring eine kleine Bundesmusik across into the UK continues with the first in an occasional series of podcasts.

Issue number #1 is out now: Krautpod#1.