Little Dragon

August 31, 2007 | 1 Comment

To say Little Dragon sound like Morcheeba is of course lazy journalism, but such comparisons are no small compliment to this interesting Swedish four-piece. Japanese Vocalist Yukimi Nagano delivers breathy R n’ B vocals with wonderfully piercing cut-glass clarity and quirky ticks in a manner that would pacify even the most ardent Bjork-hater.  I don’t […]

Issue number #2 in my occasional series of podcasts is out now is out now: Krautpod#2 – Die Toten Hosen. Special thanks to all at for the kind words, and especially to Frankie who bought some Helden CDs on the strength of Krautpod#1.

These days when bands are described as making tunes that appeal to parents and kids alike, it’s meant as a put down. Not so with The Displacements, who are more than aware that 40 years ago a certain bunch of scousers dealt rather well with similar ‘criticism’.

Fire up your iPods. My quest to bring eine kleine Bundesmusik across into the UK continues with the first in an occasional series of podcasts. Issue number #1 is out now: Krautpod#1.