Donots hail from Hamburg way. If the antics on display in the DVD ‘extras’ section of their single ‘We Got The Noise’ are anything to go by then they’re also a bunch of morons just marginally more interesting than every other boy-rock band. Read more


A few years back I was getting a haircut in Düsseldorf when the proprietor and I, mid snip, got onto the subject of German music. He rattled of a few band names the only one of which I recognised back then was er, The Scorpions. Then, in a effort to ingratiate myself with the burly German geezer holding a razor near my throat, I blurted out Kraftwerk to which my barber had to take a step backwards in astonishment. ‘Kraftwerk?’ he kept repeating with an odd expression which lost none of its bemused air coming back at me reflected in the mirror. I guess it’s similar to a German in the UK raving on about Gang of Four. Read more