Omar at Iraq the Model wakes up one morning, brews himself a cuppa and calmly watches as a hissing, still-hot sliver of crud lands in his garden from an IED explosion. All in a day’s work . . .


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A while back I got one of Tele’s earlier hits – Es Kommt ein Schiff – off a magazine’s free CD giveaway and described it as a Westlife-type ballad with cheesy horns. I still stand by this although with the Freiburger’s new album, the horns Tele love so much have grown on me a bit […]

Alan Johnston

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BBC journalist Alan Johnston is still missing 16 days after being abducted in Gaza. A tragedy for the BBC and for Alan’s family (he’s from near Dollar in Scotland — just a few miles from my own home town). Yet again however, we see that the Palestinian people’s own worst enemy is themselves . . […]

Croc Bomber!

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A chilling new development in suicide belt technology from those crafty Palestinians . . .

A rare UK appearance by Germany’s top hip-hop band, Die Fantastischen Vier. They’re coming to London on the 25th May. I’ll be there . . . .

“This is not a story. The media are making this a story.” Click. Bhuuuuuuuuuu . . . . This curt response from a senior executive from the folks organising Madonna’s ’06 Confessions tour was as far as I got into persuading one of ‘her people’ to come on BBC radio. At £160 ($310) for the […]

There are crap jobs and then there is being Uday Hussein’s body double. Latif Yahia was press-ganged into the job years ago and apparently even had to undergo plastic surgery to make him a more convincing double. He is now seeking a life in Ireland. What I particularly like about the way the SKY News […]