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Ah, 1974, the days when even eight-minute performances were considered wussy; nothing more than an opportunity for artists to banter with the crowd prior to the 28-minute drum solo.

Issue number #2 in my occasional series of podcasts is out now is out now: Krautpod#2 – Die Toten Hosen. Special thanks to all at deutsche-in-london.net for the kind words, and especially to Frankie who bought some Helden CDs on the strength of Krautpod#1.

Fire up your iPods. My quest to bring eine kleine Bundesmusik across into the UK continues with the first in an occasional series of podcasts. Issue number #1 is out now: Krautpod#1.

Uncle Pauly’s Kraut Pop guide. Caught the Vier last night in Kentish town’s Forum. Despite the change of date and venue the lads were greeted by a very appreciative, largely German audience who went wild when four blokes ambled on stage with Teutonic timekeeping at 9pm on the dot . . . cue sheepish grins […]

Christiane Link guest blogging: When Paul asked me if I could write a blog entry about the word „Krauts” I was a little bit surprised. I’m one of them, I am one of the Krauts. I am German, has been living in London for three months. I know that some of the Brits call us […]


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A while back I got one of Tele’s earlier hits – Es Kommt ein Schiff – off a magazine’s free CD giveaway and described it as a Westlife-type ballad with cheesy horns. I still stand by this although with the Freiburger’s new album, the horns Tele love so much have grown on me a bit […]

A rare UK appearance by Germany’s top hip-hop band, Die Fantastischen Vier. They’re coming to London on the 25th May. I’ll be there . . . .

Die Fantastischen Vier

September 14, 2006 | 3 Comments

Die Fantastischen Vier (aka Fanta 4) pretty much started the German hip-hop scene about 18 years ago in Stuttgart. Rapping in German they steer clear of all the cliches of US ‘gangstas’ such as guns n’ hos. After starting off in the late eighties in what was then West Germany they built up a following […]

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