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When Paul asked me if I could write a blog entry about the word „Krauts” I was a little bit surprised.

I’m one of them, I am one of the Krauts. I am German, has been living in London for three months. I know that some of the Brits call us “Krauts” but it doesn’t bother me.

It is a funny prejudice. The truth is, I don’t like Sauerkraut very much and I know a lot of Germans who don’t eat it. We don’t eat it as much as you might think. I mean it is not like pasta in Italy or sandwiches in Britain.

You can buy Sauerkraut in every supermarket but I can’t remember when I ate it the last time. But to be honest, I lived in the northern part of Germany in the past ten years. They eat a lot of potatoes (like the Brits) and fish there.

In Bavaria (south Germany) it’s different. You will find Sauerkraut on a menu of a Bavarian beer pub (Biergarten). But there are Germans saying Bavaria is not Germany. 🙂

So how should the Brits call us without any prejudices? Perhaps “Schwarzbrot” (dark bread), Brötchen (bread rolls), Maggi (German spicy sauce) or potatoes. That’s what we are really eating but it doesn’t sound as funny as “Krauts”. Also “Bratwurst” (fried sausage) is an option.

But I really prefer “Krauts” then.


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  1. Oipolloi on August 12, 2007 5:53 pm

    If you ever visit Hamburg or the internet go to
    They even do a t-shirt with a slightly disheveled eagle and “kraut” emblazoned on the chest (and no, i don’t like the stuff either)

  2. Xedows on June 1, 2010 1:51 am

    a little more and I will join you

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