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Listeners to the Krautpod will know that yours truly and Julian B flagged up Nneka back in April. Well, the MSMM (Mainstream Music Media) in the UK is catching up with our cousins sausage-side. The latest issue of London’s premier music zine London Tour Dates #51 features an interview with the woman in question. Click […]

Like singer Bradford Cox this EP from Atlanta’s Deerhunter is a frail, androgynous thing. Occasionally striking but more often than not falling down on the listless side of insipid. Fans of the band will of course know that never straying above second gear is Deerhunter’s thing.

Less bluesy than The Sammies but with the same carefree abandon this debut album is easy on the ear — a fun bundle that would sit great as the soundtrack to some late night footy montage or a sun-kissed surf flick, strange to imagine it hails from Northampton. Substance is there too – if you […]

As always with a Pete Doherty gig the unhealthy speculation was rampant: would he turn up spiked to the veins and mumble his way through some vague song endings or maybe, just maybe this could be _the_ night of post-Libertines redemption? Pity the huge chunk of the audience who decided to leave around midnight for […]

You couldn’t create an album with less female appeal than this if you’d tried. What other men try to conceal beneath the periscope hood of ageing parkas, Mark John Hibbett proudly thrusts into the open. All of blokedom is on offer here from Linux to DIY. Hibbett’s mission in life is to pounce on the […]

Mamer, Eagle

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The production on this album is astounding. If folk music from the western Xinjiang province is not your bag then at least marvel at the rich sound of this Chinese gem. Mamer sings with a warm bassy croak while gentle guitar and lilting dombra fill in the gaps and if at times the morose low-fi […]

I remember Louise Wener many moons ago wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “Yet Another Female Fronted Band”, I always thought it more a statement of the obvious than the sarcy self-deprecating irony she was going for. I mean focusing the cameras on a strong foxy chick while a bunch of spotty geeks with pencil […]

On paper it must’ve sounded like a great idea: gazillionaire globe straddling rock God teams up with cherubic Portuguese Che Guevara lookalike on the basis that they both kinda like the “same stuff”: a latino vibe straight outta Noo Yawk by way of Brazil. The following review appears in the latest edition of London’s premier […]

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