I remember Louise Wener many moons ago wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “Yet Another Female Fronted Band”, I always thought it more a statement of the obvious than the sarcy self-deprecating irony she was going for. I mean focusing the cameras on a strong foxy chick while a bunch of spotty geeks with pencil ties and thick glasses make up the ‘beat combo’ is a formula that’s been with us since Aretha Franklin.

The following review appears in the latest edition of London’s premier music ‘zine, London Tour Dates.
So if having a female vocalist somewhere in the mix seems to be the order of the day now for any guitars ‘n bleeps type act then Scanners tick all the modern must-haves but they’re still the right side of cliche. Not quite so bleepy as say Black Kids and with more guitar than Ladyhawke, the Londoners have a nice line in ominous moodiness. Catchy single ‘Lowlife’ sounded as good as its own remix version which the band also sneaked into their brief set here at the Macbeth, London’s second mankiest venue after The Enterprise in Camden.

Onstage singer and bassist Sarah Daly keeps the spirit of Chrissie Hynde alive and kicking and partnered up with Amina Bates on guitar you have the obligatory female frontage with stage presence enough to make you forget the other two (sorry lads), a bit like Joey and Dee Dee only better looking.


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